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Luca Di Dio
L’italiano L2 dopo la legge 94/2009 : l’ipotesi di un «modello   umanistico» italiano per l’inclusione linguistica e sociale degli immigrati
Unlike other European countries with   a long history of migration, Italy has seen a significant presence of foreigners in its country only in the last two decades, and the government’s   reactions to this are consequently often marked by emergency measures rather   than by programming. Law 94/2009 and successive regulations related to it,   obliging foreigners to demonstrate, by means of tests or the acquisition of   credits, their knowledge of the language and civic culture of Italy, have   upset all dynamics, inaugurating a new season in politics of inclusion of   adult immigrants. The work – centred on a case study relating to the   experience of the network of CTP (Centri Territoriali Permanenti) or CPIA   (Centri Provinciali per l-Istruzione degli Adulti) of the Marches region –   goes all through the history of a nascent model of integration in its   principle aspect which is that of learning the language in the hive of a   modality defined as “humanist”.
Key words
Inclusion of adult immigrants, linguistic   and social inclusion, Italian L2
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University of Florence
Co-funded by The Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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